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Successful steps for a profitable fundraiser

  • Select a fundraising program.
  • Planning session – Set financial goals, fundraising time frame (we recommend 2 weeks for a fundraiser) and make sure you stick to the set time!
  • Alert community (students, teachers and parents) about fundraiser.
  • Promote fundraiser through parent letters, posters and community announcements.
  • Hold a “kick-off” rally, which educates the kids on the fundraising programs, and build enthusiasm to reach fundraising goals.
  • Start the fundraiser!
  • Monitor progress and provide encouragement and incentives to keep the kids motivated.
  • Once the fundraiser is complete, collect the order forms and money.
  • Tally the results.
  • Send tally form and payment to fundraising company.
  • Schedule delivery date with fundraising company.
  • Set time and place for student and parents to meet to pick up delivered products. Have parents and teachers to volunteer to help distribute product in an orderly fashion.
  • Check for damaged products and any mis-orders and make the necessary arrangements with the fundraising company for replacements.
  • Have they student deliver their products that they sold. A personal thank you letter by the students can’t hurt.